It certainly has been awhile since I’ve been here. It could be a resurrection but I suspect  it’s more like getting back in the saddle. For over a year now I’ve been ignoring the little voice in my head that keeps repeating “Get back to your blog, will you?” And now here I am attempting to do just that.

The prompt that has stirred me out of my malaise is a recent blog by my friend Mary Smith who has been relating  stories about places she visited and what she did while on a  Spring break to the isle of Arran. She reminded me of a magical weekend  that I was lucky enough to spend there with a wild(ish) group of like-minded folk a few years ago.

When she mentioned Machrie Moor it instantly brought back memories of that ancient and very special place and the strong powers we felt surrounding us as we approached the standing stones. I wrote about it shortly after the event and this really is the effect  visiting that sacred spot had on me.



We watched and walked over Machrie Moor

new age pilgrims, parched souls

drenched by salty tears of those

who came before.  Speaking,

then silenced, we strained to hear

whispering voices carried by a gentle breeze.


Onward we strode through rough-tongued grass

past stunted black hawthorn arrayed in May blossom

dazzling acolytes aspiring to perfection.

Finally, crouched in fresh summer brilliance

on a smooth rocky outcrop, we beheld

a circle; majestic, sacred, mysterious.


And one other pertaining to that same island.



Across the bay hoody crows scavenge, while

light-footed oystercatchers in dainty sequence

dance near water-logged papers proclaiming old news.


There faded fisher’s floats, merge

with dried strings of stranded seaweed

to grace a quiet shore.


Out of a flawless sky melodic cadences drop,

an unexpected shower,

from airborne acrobats, wings shimmering.


High on life heading for home

their notes spread a peaceful charm

over the scene below.

As the above two poems and the method in which I have produced them unmasks, I have forgotten even the basics of a good blog presentation. But I promise I’ll work on it.


10 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. Reblogged this on Mary Smith's Place and commented:
    After seeing my posts about Arran, the pictures of Machrie Moor standing stones prompted Lynn Otty to post two poems on her Buffalo Pound blog. The first one, Standing Stones, beautifully complements my photos of the stones.

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